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18:30 Stephen Hawking would have been 80 today. Google Doodle honors famous physicist.

The pioneering work of physicist Stephen Hawking is honored in a Google Doodle today (Jan. 8).

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05:32 Google, Lenovo join consumer electronics show exodus

Another major conference planned for January, the World Economic Forum, announced Monday it would delay its annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland, due to Omicron.

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18:40 NYT Science Google Pledged to Remove Ads From Climate Denial Sites, but Many Still Run

Researchers found ads placed by Google on sites that falsely call global warming a hoax. The revenue those sites earn from the ads can fund further misinformation.

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12:52 Algorithm out of Google’s DeepMind finesses DFT calculations

Machine learning creates algorithm that avoids large errors in solutions to certain problems

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15:00 25 strangest sights on Google Earth

Courtesy of Google Earth, check out some strange highlights of our planet, in lieu of a whirlwind trip round the world.

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21:02 How Facebook and Google fund global misinformation

Myanmar, March 2021. A month after the fall of the democratic government. In 2015, six of the 10 websites in Myanmar getting the most engagement on Facebook were from legitimate media, according to data from CrowdTangle, a Facebook-run tool. A year later, Facebook (which recently rebranded to Meta) offered global access to Instant Articles, a…

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06:39 SingularityHub.Com Alphabet Chases Wonder Drugs With DeepMind AI Spinoff Isomorphic Labs

AI research wunderkind, DeepMind, has long been all fun and games. The London-based organization, owned by Google parent company Alphabet, has used deep learning to train algorithms that can take down world champions at the ancient game of Go and top players of the popular strategy video game Starcraft. Then last year, things got serious […]

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18:01 SingularityHub.Com Alphabet Chases Wonder Drugs With DeepMind AI Spinoff Isomorphic Labs

AI research wunderkind, DeepMind, has long been all fun and games. The London-based organization, owned by Google parent company Alphabet, has used deep learning to train algorithms that can take down world champions at the ancient game of Go and top players of the popular strategy video game Starcraft. Then last year, things got serious […]

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18:43 Yahoo Science A Google executive's passion for collecting locks of presidential hair

The latest news and headlines from Yahoo! News. Get breaking news stories and in-depth coverage with videos and photos.

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15:01 Are you really smart, or is it just Google?

We may be losing the ability to perceive our own intelligence because we can quickly google the answer to just about any question.

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20:09 ScientificAmerican.Com Google Bans Ads That Spread Climate Misinformation

The new rules could put pressure on Facebook to take similar steps -- Read more on

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03:23 Yahoo Science Google and YouTube say they will cut off climate-change deniers from being able to monetize their content and display ads

The latest news and headlines from Yahoo! News. Get breaking news stories and in-depth coverage with videos and photos.

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02:19 Yahoo Science Google, YouTube to prohibit ads on content denying climate change

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21:23 Yahoo Science Google: flight search tool can help you fly "greener"

The latest news and headlines from Yahoo! News. Get breaking news stories and in-depth coverage with videos and photos.

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17:04 SingularityHub.Com Google Funded (and Al Gore Co-Founded) the World’s First Independent CO2 Emissions Database

It’s crunch time on climate change. The IPCC’s latest report told the world just how bad it is, and…it’s bad. Companies, NGOs, and governments are scrambling for fixes, both short-term and long-term, from banning sale of combustion-engine vehicles to pouring money into hydrogen to building direct air capture plants. And one initiative, launched last week, […]

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17:20 SingularityHub.Com Alphabet’s X Is Using Lasers to Beam Internet Across the World’s Deepest River

A little over a year ago, Google’s Project Loon launched in Kenya, 35 giant balloons with solar-powered electronics inside beaming a 4G signal to the central and western parts of the country. The project was ambitious; each balloon, when fully extended, was the size of a tennis court, and the plan was for them to […]

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17:37 Otherworldly 'time crystal' made inside Google quantum computer could change physics forever

The crystals neatly sidestep some of physics' most iron-clad laws.

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23:19 NewScientist.Com Google is shutting down controversial data-sharing project with NHS

Google is shutting down its controversial Streams app, which used machine learning to analyse medical records and was found to have failed to comply with UK data protection laws

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02:47 Afghans are being evacuated via WhatsApp, Google Forms—by any means possible

The sudden collapse of Afghanistan’s government has led to a frantic attempt to accelerate online relief and evacuation efforts. These attempts, organized largely via Google Forms, WhatsApp and private social media groups, are trying to fill the void left by the US government’s failure to protect vulnerable Afghans. These efforts could be the only lifeline for…

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22:07 NewScientist.Com Google can take two months to remove malware apps from app store

An analysis of malicious apps discovered on the Google Play Store found that after being detected they remain available to users for 77 days on average before being removed

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00:16 NewScientist.Com Google researchers made a time crystal inside a quantum computer

A time crystal is a unique phase of matter that flips between two states with no energy input necessary – first proposed in 2012, this type of matter has now been created inside a quantum computer built by Google

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04:34 Google and Facebook say on-campus workers must be vaccinated

Tech titan Facebook put out similar word on Wednesday, saying that as its offices re-open, only vaccinated workers will be welcomed.

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18:29 SingularityHub.Com Google Gets One Step Closer to Error-Corrected Quantum Computing

One of the biggest barriers standing in the way of useful quantum computers is how error-prone today’s devices are. Now, Google has provided an experimental demonstration of how to correct this problem and scale it up for much larger devices. The power of quantum computers comes from their ability to manipulate exotic quantum states, but […]

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19:40 NewScientist.Com Google demonstrates vital step towards large-scale quantum computers

Google has shown that its Sycamore quantum computer can detect and fix computational errors, an essential step for large-scale quantum computing, but its current system generates more errors than it solves

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18:32 NewScientist.Com China beats Google to claim the world's most powerful quantum computer

A team in China has demonstrated that it has the world's most powerful quantum computer, leapfrogging the previous record holder, Google

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14:41 Google Smartphone Decimeter Challenge

Have you ever hit a surprise pothole or other road obstruction? Do you wish your navigation app could

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14:23 This french-fry-stealing seagull is the star of a new Google ad

When a photographer snapped the moment a herring gull caught a french fry midair, the image quickly went viral. Now, the photo is appearing on Google billboards in Ireland and the U.K.

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22:34 NewScientist.Com Google and Facebook hit by faulty chips that can silently corrupt data

Internet giants Google and Facebook have discovered they are experiencing computer chip failures that can corrupt data or make it difficult to unlock encrypted files

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16:26 Google Earth reveals the world's largest geoglyph

A set of sinuous lines found in the Thar Desert of India may be the largest geoglyph ever discovered.

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17:07 SingularityHub.Com A Google AI Designed a Computer Chip as Well as a Human Engineer—But Much Faster

AI has finally come full circle. A new suite of algorithms by Google Brain can now design computer chips—those specifically tailored for running AI software—that vastly outperform those designed by human experts. And the system works in just a few hours, dramatically slashing the weeks- or months-long process that normally gums up digital innovation. At […]

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21:12 Yahoo Science Google doesn't auto-fill searches for the lab leak theory to avoid leading users to results that aren't 'authoritative,' according to the head of Google's health division

The latest news and headlines from Yahoo! News. Get breaking news stories and in-depth coverage with videos and photos.

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19:56 NewScientist.Com Google is using AI to design processors that run AI more efficiently

Google creates custom processors to run its various artificial intelligence algorithms, and now it has tasked an AI with speeding up the process of designing more efficient chips

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19:11 Nature.Com Google’s AI approach to microchips is welcome — but needs care

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19:11 Nature.Com Google AI beats humans at designing computer chips

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13:51 ScientificAmerican.Com The First 'Google Translate' for Elephants Debuts

An online animal catalogue lets you decode communications and other behaviors for everyone’s favorite pachyderm -- Read more on

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15:07 NewScientist.Com Google has mapped a piece of human brain in the most detail ever

A team including researchers at Google took a cubic millimetre of a woman's brain, sliced it incredibly thin and scanned it to create the most detailed map yet of the connections within our brain

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17:15 SingularityHub.Com Google and Harvard Unveil the Largest High-Resolution Map of the Brain Yet

Last Tuesday, teams from Google and Harvard published an intricate map of every cell and connection in a cubic millimeter of the human brain. The mapped region encompasses the various layers and cell types of the cerebral cortex, a region of brain tissue associated with higher-level cognition, such as thinking, planning, and language. According to […]

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16:01 NewScientist.Com Frank Kameny: Google doodle honours astronomer and gay rights activist

When he was unjustly fired from his job as an astronomer in 1957, Frank Kameny took up a lifelong struggle for the civil rights of gay people

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17:17 SingularityHub.Com Google-Funded Startup Merlin Labs Will Soon Fly 55 Autonomous Planes

Self-driving cars are taking longer to come to market than initially predicted by industry insiders, as a New York Times article highlighted this week. Indeed, it turns out that having a complex, interconnected set of cameras, sensors, lidar, and software safely navigate a vehicle through busy streets is a lot harder than we thought it […]

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17:05 SingularityHub.Com Google Is Developing a Hologram-Like 3D Video Conferencing Tool Called Project Starline

The end of the pandemic seems to be in sight, but it has likely brought lasting changes to the way we work, live, and connect with each other. As traveling starts to take off again and many employees return to their offices, others are choosing to stay put, both in their home towns and inside […]

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21:19 SingularityHub.Com Google AI Researchers Are Dreaming Up a New Species of Search Engine

Imagine a collection of books—maybe millions or even billions of them—haphazardly tossed by publishers into a heaping pile in a field. Every day the pile grows exponentially. Those books are brimming with knowledge and answers. But how would a seeker find them? Lacking organization, the books are useless. This is the raw internet in all […]

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19:55 SpaceX signs deal with Google Cloud for satellite broadband

Elon Musk's SpaceX announced Thursday that Google would team up with its Starlink satellite internet service to deliver cloud computing services to business customers.

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10:13 Google and TAU launch “AI for Social Good”

Google and Tel Aviv University (TAU) recently launched “AI for Social Good,” a program for promoting artificial intelligence-related multidisciplinary research

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21:23 New Google effort uses cellphones to detect earthquakes

Android alerts will first run in New Zealand and Greece

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17:06 SingularityHub.Com Google Earth’s Amazing New Feature Is a 37-Year Timelapse of the Entire Planet

Satellites are doing all kinds of amazing new things lately, from beaming high-speed internet to remote areas to capturing high-resolution images through clouds to taking 24 million images of every part of the Earth to show how it’s changed over the last 37 years. Wait, what? Yes, that’s right: 24 million images taken over 37 […]

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15:53 Alphabet's 'missing link' possibly discovered

An alphabetic inscription written on a jar fragment found at the site of Tel Lachish in Israel and dating back around 3,450 years may provide a "missing link" in the history of the alphabet.

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17:16 SingularityHub.Com There’s a ‘New’ Nirvana Song Out, and It Was Written By Google’s AI

One of the primary capabilities separating human intelligence from artificial intelligence is our ability to be creative—to use nothing but the world around us, our experiences, and our brains to create art. At present, AI needs to be extensively trained on human-made works of art in order to produce new work, so we’ve still got […]

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18:01 Nature.Com Daily briefing: Google Scholar warns when your paper should be free

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20:11 Nature.Com Do you obey public-access mandates? Google Scholar is watching

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19:32 Yahoo Science Google Maps to start directing drivers to 'eco-friendly' routes

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05:53 Yahoo Science Google Maps to start directing drivers to 'eco-friendly' routes

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13:12 Google’s top security teams unilaterally shut down a counterterrorism operation

Google runs some of the most venerated cybersecurity operations on the planet: its Project Zero team, for example, finds powerful undiscovered security vulnerabilities, while its Threat Analysis Group directly counters hacking backed by governments, including North Korea, China and Russia. And those two teams caught an unexpectedly big fish recently: an “expert” hacking group exploiting…

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18:12 ScientificAmerican.Com Hurricane Names from Greek Alphabet Are Dropped

Sticking with human names will lessen confusion and distraction -- Read more on

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16:50 Yahoo Science Former Google CEO gives $150M for research in biology, AI

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20:09 Nature.Com Coronapod: Google-backed database could help answer big COVID questions

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22:51 NewScientist.Com Google uses underwater fibre-optic cable to detect earthquakes

A team including researchers at Google has used one of the search giant's underwater fibre optic cables to detect earthquakes and ocean waves generated by storms, without needing any extra equipment

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22:12 ScientificAmerican.Com Massive Google-Funded COVID Database Will Track Variants and Immunity

Open repository will give free access to more than 160 million data points with details about individual infections -- Read more on

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13:03 Nature.Com Massive Google-funded COVID database will track variants and immunity

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08:03 Yahoo Science Google names exec to oversee responsible AI research after staff unrest

The latest news and headlines from Yahoo! News. Get breaking news stories and in-depth coverage with videos and photos.

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14:10 Google says it’s too easy for hackers to find new security flaws

In December 2018, researchers at Google detected a group of hackers with their sights set on Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. Even though new development was shut down two years earlier it’s such a common browser that if you can find a way to hack it, you’ve got a potential open door to billions of computers. The…

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18:25 How Google searches reveal the hidden cost of lockdown

The number of people searching online for topics that are related to boredom, loneliness and worry rose sharply at the beginning of the first lockdown, a new study shows.

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13:38 We tested a tool to confuse Google’s ad network. It works and you should use it.

We’ve all been there by now: surfing the web and bumping into ads with an uncanny flavor. How did they know I was thinking about joining a gym? Or changing careers? Or that I need a loan? You might wonder if Google can read your mind. Google even boasts that it knows you better than…

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23:30 40 more states target Google with its third antitrust lawsuit in two months

Forty attorneys general representing both Republican and Democratic-led states and territories have filed a new antitrust lawsuit against Google claiming that the company has “virtually untrammeled power over internet search traffic,” as a result of its “overwhelming and durable monopoly in general internet searches.” The move comes one day after  another complaint filed by Texas…

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23:16 Physicists in China challenge Google’s ‘quantum advantage’

Lots of researchers are working to demonstrate quantum advantage, that is, to perform calculations on quantum computers that

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19:52 Congress wants answers from Google about Timnit Gebru’s firing

Nine members of the US Congress have sent a letter to Google asking it to clarify the circumstances around its former ethical AI co-lead Timnit Gebru’s forced departure. Led by Representative Yvette Clarke and Senator Ron Wyden, and co-signed by Senators Elizabeth Warren and Cory Booker, the letter sends an important signal about how Congress…

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05:53 What’s the deal with Texas suing Google?

So what happened?  Texas and nine other Republican-led states have filed an antitrust lawsuit against Google, alleging that the company has monopolized digital advertising—including through anti-competitive agreements with Facebook.  Google, the suit alleges,  not only connects ad buyers and sellers, it operates the exchange and manipulates the rules and algorithms to favor its own results.…

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13:26 “I started crying”: Inside Timnit Gebru’s last days at Google—and what happens next

By now, we’ve all heard some version of the story. On December 2, after a protracted disagreement over the release of a research paper, Google forced out its ethical AI co-lead, Timnit Gebru. The paper was on the risks of large language models, AI models trained on staggering amounts of text data, which are a…

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17:45 Google’s AI aces protein prediction competition

Deep-learning network AlphaFold2’s perfomance at predicting how proteins fold has caused great excitement in the scientific community

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06:22 We read the paper that forced Timnit Gebru out of Google. Here’s what it says

On the evening of Wednesday, December 2, Timnit Gebru, the co-lead of Google’s ethical AI team, announced via Twitter that the company had forced her out.  Gebru, a widely respected leader in AI ethics research, is known for coauthoring a groundbreaking paper that showed facial recognition to be less accurate at identifying women and people…

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01:44 A leading AI ethics researcher says she’s been fired from Google

On December 2, the AI research community was shocked to learn that Timnit Gebru had been fired from her post at Google. Gebru, one of the leading voices in responsible AI research, is known among other things for her groundbreaking work in revealing the discriminatory nature of facial recognition, cofounding the Black in AI affinity…

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23:07 Nature.Com Physicists in China challenge Google’s ‘quantum advantage’

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20:07 NewScientist.Com Google's AI can keep Loon balloons flying for over 300 days in a row

An artificially intelligent pilot created by Google and Loon can keep huge stratospheric balloons in the air for hundreds of days at a time to act as floating cell towers in remote areas

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13:25 NewScientist.Com Google Earth reveals suspected nuclear weapons facility in Pakistan

Sleuthing with satellites images has revealed a substantial and undocumented expansion to a suspected nuclear processing plant in Pakistan, a possible sign the country is boosting capacity for its nuclear weapons programme

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12:14 Los Angeles and Google partner on 'Tree Canopy' project

Los Angeles and Google have struck a partnership to track canopy density in the huge metropolis to determine which neighborhoods need more trees as a means of fighting extreme temperatures.

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14:30 Google Announces the Objectron Dataset

Machine learning helps to perform various computer vision tasks. However, understanding objects in 3D is still a challenging

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13:15 Vanderbilt contributes to the ‘Google Earth’ of the human body, starting with the kidney

The Human BioMolecular Atlas Program has brought together 18 research teams, including collaborators from Vanderbilt, Harvard, CalTech, Stanford and others

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12:49 What Biden means for Big Tech—and Google in particular

Throughout his campaign to win the White House, president-elect Joe Biden has been relatively quiet about the technology industry.  In a revealing January 2020 interview with The New York Times editorial board, Biden said that he wanted to revoke Section 230; suggested that he disagreed with how friendly the Obama administration became with Silicon Valley;…

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17:12 SingularityHub.Com Hey Google … What Movie Should I Watch Today? How AI Can Affect Our Decisions

Have you ever used Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri, or Amazon Alexa to make decisions for you? Perhaps you asked it what new movies have good reviews, or to recommend a cool restaurant in your neighborhood. Artificial intelligence and virtual assistants are constantly being refined, and may soon be making appointments for you, offering medical advice, […]

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01:40 The DoJ says Google monopolizes search. Here’s how.

The Department of Justice and attorney generals from 11 Republican-led states filed an antitrust lawsuit against Google on Tuesday, alleging that the company maintains an illegal monopoly on online search and advertising.  The lawsuit follows a 16-month investigation, and repeated promises from President Trump to hold big tech to account amid unproven allegations of anti-conservative…

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17:08 SingularityHub.Com Can We Trust AI Doctors? Google Health and Academics Battle It Out

Machine learning is taking medical diagnosis by storm. From eye disease, breast and other cancers, to more amorphous neurological disorders, AI is routinely matching physician performance, if not beating them outright. Yet how much can we take those results at face value? When it comes to life and death decisions, when can we put our […]

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17:07 Building a landslide prediction tool with Google and AI

In their 2019 AI Impact Challenge, Google asked nonprofits, social enterprises and research institutions around the world, "How would you use artificial intelligence (AI) for social good?"

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17:21 SingularityHub.Com Alphabet’s New Moonshot Is to Transform How We Grow Food

In the 1940s, agronomist Norman Borlaug was tasked by the US government with improving the yield of wheat plants in Mexico. The thinking was that if America’s southern neighbor had better food security, relations between the two countries would improve, and fewer migrants would cross the US border. At that time, a plant disease called […]

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14:43 Yahoo Science Alphabet Mineral reveals crop-inspecting robots

The project will analyse every leaf on every crop, helping farmers tend the fields.

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13:27 This scientist made a Google Doc to educate the public about airborne coronavirus transmission

The evidence that the coronavirus spreads through the air has been mounting for months. However, the official guidance from the World Health Organization and Centers for Disease Control is still that droplets are the main route of transmission. In fact, the CDC changed its website last month to acknowledge airborne transmission as a route for…

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12:44 Grant from Google to support COVID gene expression study

Vanderbilt University Medical Center and the University of North Carolina (UNC) at Chapel Hill have been awarded $500,000

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06:53 Google Maps latest update adds COVID-19 layer to show potential transmission hotspots

The feature is reportedly slated to go live within the week for Google Maps on both Android and iOS devices.

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13:35 Google Maps now shows you where covid-19 cases are spiking

The news: Google Maps has added a new feature which lets people see the number of covid-19 cases per 100,000 people for any given area, with a label indicating if cases are trending up or down. In a blog post, Google said the functionality will start rolling out worldwide on both Android and iOS this…

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22:57 Google shows huge panic attack rise during COVID

Data from Google searches show more people started searching for panic attacks, treatments, and anxiety since COVID-19 became a pandemic.

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23:37 Optics and Photonics News Under the Hood of Google’s Quantum Computer

To kick off OSA’s new Quantum 2.0 conference, a key member of the web giant’s quantum-computing squad recounted the road to Sycamore.

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17:03 Create your own moody quarantine music with Google’s AI

The Google Magenta team, which makes machine-learning tools for the creative process, has made models that help you compose melodies, and tools that help you sketch cats. Mostly because it’s fun, but also to explore how AI can make creation more accessible. Its latest project now gives anyone a chance to make quarantine tunes to…

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13:50 ScientificAmerican.Com Google's Quantum Computer Achieves Chemistry Milestone

A downsized version of the company’s Sycamore chip performed a record-breaking simulation of a chemical reaction -- Read more on

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12:15 Cancer research to benefit from cutting-edge AI as Pentagon seeks help from Google

The goal is to create an AI platform that would be integrated into augmented reality infrastructure that involves advanced microscopes.

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13:33 Apple and Google have launched coronavirus exposure notifications without an app

The news: Apple and Google have announced they’re expanding their coronavirus exposure warning system so health agencies can take part without needing to create a customized app. It’s a significant upgrade to the system, which uses Bluetooth to work out if people have spent extended periods of time near each other, then notifies someone’s close…

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16:00 Google conducts largest chemical simulation on a quantum computer to date

A team of researchers with Google's AI Quantum team (working with unspecified collaborators) has conducted the largest chemical simulation on a quantum computer to date. In their paper published in the journal Science, the group describes their work and why they believe it was a step forward in quantum computing. Xiao Yuan of Stanford University has written a Perspective piece outlining the potential benefits of quantum computer use to conduct chemical simulations and the work by the team at AI Quantum, published in the same journal issue.

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22:53 NewScientist.Com Google performed the first quantum simulation of a chemical reaction

For the first time, Google has used its quantum computer Sycamore to simulate a chemical reaction, paving the way for quantum chemistry algorithms

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13:39 Google AI Research on Product Recognition in Supermarkets

A Software Engineer at Google Research named Chao Chen published on the Google AI Blog the 11th of

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00:20 Yahoo Science Google Android phones to assist with earthquake alerts and searches

Bet you didn't know you have a mini-seismometer in your hand. Android is making use of the smartphone accelerometer for the new earthquake alerts.

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17:14 Google Earth user spots 'frozen ship' on the surface of icy Antarctica terrain

A 400 foot structure found on the surface of Antarctica stirs conspiracy theories of a Nazi base and an alien fortress

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17:00 SingularityHub.Com These Scientists Just Completed a 3D ‘Google Earth’ for the Brain

Human brain maps are a dime a dozen these days. Maps that detail neurons in a certain region. Maps that draw out functional connections between those cells. Maps that dive deeper into gene expression. Or even meta-maps that combine all of the above. But have you ever wondered: how well do those maps represent my […]

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17:15 SingularityHub.Com Google Loon Is Now Beaming WiFi Down to Earth From Giant Balloons

Four years ago, three big tech companies had plans in the works to beam internet down to Earth from the sky, and each scenario sounded wilder than the next. SpaceX requested permission to launch 4,425 satellites into orbit to create a global internet hotspot. Facebook wanted to use solar-powered drones and laser-based tech to shoot […]

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