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19:26 InsideEVs.comFully Charged Presents Electric Ferry With 4.1 MWh Battery: Video (4)

This world's biggest electric ferry runs between Sweden and Denmark 46 times per 24 hours.

16:28 Editors' SuggestionsSign-Changing Photon-Mediated Atom Interactions in Multimode Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics (4)

Author(s): Yudan Guo, Ronen M. Kroeze, Varun D. Vaidya, Jonathan Keeling, and Benjamin L. LevCavity-mediated interactions between Bose-Einstein condensates can now be made to change sign, potentially allowing for quantum simulation of spin frustration.
[Phys. Rev. Lett. 122, 193601] Published Tue May 14, 2019

17:53 ScientificAmerican.ComThwarting A Protein Reverses Brain Decline in Aged Mice (3)

Blocking an immune-related molecule lodged in blood vessels stops memory loss -- Read more on

17:33 HealthLight physical activity might help keep the brain young (3)

A recent study suggests that light physical activity may help stave off signs of aging in the brain.

17:08 NYT TechnologyTech Tip: How to Add Hollywood Special Effects to Your Videos (3)

With your smartphone, inexpensive software and a bit of cloth or paper, you can make your own “green screen” movies.

17:05 SingularityHub.ComThe Hunt for a CRISPR Antidote Just Heated Up (3)

When scientists behind the Manhattan Project heard of the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, their earlier exuberance gradually turned into morose and regret. What began as a physics revolution had mutated into a weapon of mass destruction—with no feasible “off switch” to cripple its power. For biology, CRISPR has that same nuclear-scale destructive power. And […]

16:57 Phys.orgCapturing single photons to explore fundamental physics and quantum information science (3)

Quantum optics, where light and matter interactions are examined at the microscopic level, has earned Nobel prizes—including three awarded since 2001—for some of science's biggest names. However, even in this mature field, some interesting physics remains largely unexplored. An international team of scientists from Technische Universität Wien (Austria), Duke University, Università degli Studi di Palermo and Istituto Nanoscienze CNR (Italy), and the U.S. Department of Energy's Brookhaven National Laboratory has unveiled a new approach for photon trapping that can localize and store one photon, providing another option for unraveling complicated physics and manipulating the quantum state of single photons. Their work was recently published in Physical Review Letters.

16:39 ScienceDaily.comArtificial intelligence tool vastly scales up Alzheimer's research (3)

Researchers have found a way to teach a computer to precisely detect one of the hallmarks of Alzheimer's disease in human brain tissue, delivering a proof of concept for a machine-learning approach to distinguishing critical markers of the disease.

16:33 Nanowerk.comWeaving carbon nanotube wires into high-performance, wearable supercapacitors (3)

Researchers have developed a comprehensive approach involving simple and facile steps to fabricate a wearable energy storage device based on carbon nanotube coated cotton yarn. All device components are flexible. According to the team, this is the first device that has been proven to be stable under rigorous washing conditions in the presence of hot water, detergents and high torque (spinning action of washing machine). This provides the device with comprehensive mechanical stability.

16:32 Phys.orgQuantum physicists shining new light on cave art (3)

Leslie Van Gelder, a well-known American-born archeologist has been working with Dr. Harald Schwefel, and other physicists at Otago University to develop a lamp that mimics the flickering torch light that paleolithic cave artists worked by many thousands of years ago. The lamps will help Leslie and other archeologists reveal intimate details of these ancient people.

16:32 Phys.orgHolographic imaging of electromagnetic fields using electron-light quantum interference (3)

In conventional holography a photographic film can record the interference pattern of monochromatic light scattered from the object to be imaged with a reference beam of un-scattered light. Scientists can then illuminate the developed image with a replica of the reference beam to create a virtual image of the original object. Holography was originally proposed by the physicist Dennis Gabor in 1948 to improve the resolution of an electron microscope, demonstrated using light optics. A hologram can be formed by capturing the phase and amplitude distribution of a signal by superimposing it with a known reference. The original concept was followed by holography with electrons, and after the invention of lasers optical holography became a popular technique for 3-D imaging macroscopic objects, information encryption and microscopy imaging.

16:08 AzoNano.comNew Biomimetic Hybrid System Breaks Through the Traditional Concept of Nanocarrier (3)

Surface engineering of nanocarriers dedicates significant contribution to the area of biomedicine, ranging from drug delivery to theranostic. Traditional physical/chemical methods have the tendency...

15:56 Phys.orgDigital quantum simulators can be astonishingly robust (3)

In solving quantum-physical problems in many-body systems, such as predicting material properties, conventional computers rapidly reach the limits of their capacity. Digital quantum simulators might help, but until now they are drastically limited to small systems with few particles and only short simulation times. Now, Heidelberg University physicist Dr. Philipp Hauke and colleagues from Dresden and Innsbruck (Austria) have demonstrated that such simulations can be more robust and hence much more stable than previously assumed. The results of their research were published in Science Advances.

15:44 Nanowerk.comMeasuring nanoparticles in medicinal products (3)

Scientists have reviewed and developed robust methods and procedures for measuring the accurate size of nanoparticles enabled medicinal products in complex biological environments.

15:32 TechInvestorNews.comWithout AI Real-Time Personalization Would Not Be Possible, Says Adobe (Rich Ord/Top News - WebProNews) (3)

Rich Ord / Top News - WebProNewsWithout AI Real-Time Personalization Would Not Be Possible, Says Adobe - How do we shorten the space between a signal that we get, say in behavioral data that we see show up either in an app or on a website, and then churn through all of the possibilities of what we could present, apply algorithms to determine what is the next ...

14:55 Phys.orgFirst-ever constructed image of a terrestrial gamma-ray flash (3)

Terrestrial gamma-ray flashes occur above some thunderstorms and propagate out into space. These high-energy discharges of photons were only discovered less than 25 years ago when a NASA spacecraft designed to observe cosmic gamma-ray bursts from outer space detected flashes that seemed to come from Earth itself.

14:55 Phys.orgVideo: Visualizing the global thaw (3)

One of the causalities of climate change is the diminishing ice cover, affecting our planet in a number of ways.

11:25 TechnologyIsrael's Eurovision webcast hacked with animated blast images (3)

Israel's webcast of the Eurovision Song Contest semi-final was hacked with animated images of explosions in host city Tel Aviv, which the national broadcaster blamed on Hamas militants.

09:32 TechInvestorNews.comGoogle Rivet helps kids learn to read using speech recognition and AI (Ewdison Then/SlashGear) (3)

Ewdison Then / SlashGearGoogle Rivet helps kids learn to read using speech recognition and AI - There still an ongoing debate on the positive and negative effects mobile devices and apps have on kids today but the cat is already out of the bag. Phones and tablets and apps are here to stay and some would rather turn those into learning tools than burn them at ...

07:31 TechInvestorNews.comGoogle launches AI-based accessibility services for disabled users (DigiTimes: IT news from Asia) (3)

DigiTimes: IT news from AsiaGoogle launches AI-based accessibility services for disabled users - Google, striving to provide AI-based accessibility services as one of its core missions, has unveiled three accessibility projects that help people with disabilities at its just-concluded annual developer conference, as part of the firms efforts to develop new products and features for its next billion users. ...

05:32 TechInvestorNews.comNetflix vs. Amazon Prime Video: A battle of streaming giants (Simon Cohen/Digital Trends) (3)

Simon Cohen / Digital TrendsNetflix vs. Amazon Prime Video: A battle of streaming giants - It might seem like Netflix should be your default choice as a streaming video service, but Amazon Prime Videos price and many extra perks make it a compelling alternative. Which one is best for you? Our comparison can help. The post Netflix vs. Amazon Prime Video: A battle of streaming ...

04:38 ScientificAmerican.ComThwarting Protein Reverses Brain Decline in Aged Mice (3)

Blocking an immune-related molecule lodged in blood vessels stops memory loss -- Read more on

01:41 TechInvestorNews.comHow VSCO Builds Film-Like Smartphone Photo Filters in Its Lab (Laura Mallonee/Wired News) (3)

Laura Mallonee / Wired NewsHow VSCO Builds Film-Like Smartphone Photo Filters in Its Lab - Whether or not youve heard of VSCO, your iPhone snapshots could benefit from their photography science. ...

01:01 ScienceDaily.comGenerating high-quality single photons for quantum computing (3)

Researchers have designed a way to generate, at room temperature, more single photons for carrying quantum information. The design, they say, holds promise for the development of practical quantum computers.

23:38 ScienceDaily.comCharacterizing the relay station in the brain that controls our movements (3)

The relay station of the brain, the substantia nigra, consists of different types of nerve cells and is responsible for controlling the execution of diverse movements. Researchers have now characterized two of these cell populations more precisely and has been able to assign an exact function to each of them.

23:31 TechInvestorNews.comBryte brings AI-powered bed and tech for improving sleep to its first retail location near Seattle (Kurt Schlosser/GeekWire) (3)

Kurt Schlosser / GeekWireBryte brings AI-powered bed and tech for improving sleep to its first retail location near Seattle - Bryte, a Bay Area-based company that promises a better nights sleep through its AI-powered smart bed, is bringing its bright idea to the Seattle area with its first permanent retail location in Bellevue, Wash. Bryte first began shipping its direct-to-consumer Bryte Bed last month, calling it the most comprehensive intelligent ...

22:18 Technology.orgGenerating high-quality single photons for quantum computing (3)

MIT researchers have designed a way to generate, at room temperature, more single photons for carrying quantum information.

21:06 DigitalTrends.comHow to unlock all Nanotrite abilities and amplify the carnage in Rage 2 (3)

Rage 2's combat gets even better when using Nanotrite abilities. There are eleven total, seven of which you have to find throughout the wasteland. Not only are these abilities useful to have, but they greatly diversity combat.
The post How to unlock all Nanotrite abilities and amplify the carnage in Rage 2 appeared first on Digital Trends.

20:40 TechInvestorNews.comIBM Unveils Watson-powered Supply Chain Management Tool at Gartner Summit (Conor Reynolds/Computer Business Review) (3)

Conor Reynolds / Computer Business ReviewIBM Unveils Watson-powered Supply Chain Management Tool at Gartner Summit - Access to this level of data and transactional visibility enables users to monitor transactions and performance against KPls The post IBM Unveils Watson-powered Supply Chain Management Tool at Gartner Summit appeared first on Computer Business Review. At the Gartner Supply Chain Executive Summit in Phoenix, Arizona, IBM have rolled out ...

18:43 ScienceDaily.comProbiotic-derived molecule may suppress fatal brain inflammation, preclinical study finds (3)

The existence of certain microorganisms in your gut may bolster the immune system's ability to fend off a herpes viral attack that can cause fatal brain inflammation.

18:19 ScienceDaily.comBrain changes linked with Alzheimer's years before symptoms appear (3)

In a records review of 290 people at risk for Alzheimer's disease, scientists say they have identified an average level of biological and anatomical brain changes linked to Alzheimer's disease that occur three to 10 years -- some even more than 30 years -- before the disease's first recognizable symptoms appear.

17:29 Editors' SuggestionsEmergent and broken symmetries of atomic self-organization arising from Gouy phase shifts in multimode cavity QED (3)

Author(s): Yudan Guo, Varun D. Vaidya, Ronen M. Kroeze, Rhiannon A. Lunney, Benjamin L. Lev, and Jonathan KeelingAtom-atom interactions in a Bose-Einstein condensate can be engineered by employing the multimode structure of optical cavities. Here the effect of the Gouy phase shift is explicitly addressed, paying special attention to the physics of the phase transition and how to observe a quantum liquid-crystalline order.
[Phys. Rev. A 99, 053818] Published Tue May 14, 2019

02:31 TechInvestorNews.comOlis Robotics wins $50K from Air Force to work on software for satellite-servicing robots (Alan Boyle/GeekWire) (2)

Alan Boyle / GeekWireOlis Robotics wins $50K from Air Force to work on software for satellite-servicing robots - Seattle-based Olis Robotics says it has received a $50,000 grant from the U.S. Air Force to lay out a plan for using its AI-driven software platform to control satellite servicing robots in orbit. The initial Small Business Innovative Research grant could set the stage for as much as $1.5 million ...

02:19 ScienceNewsDaily.orgHear Joe Rogan's voice duplicated by an AI: Startup unveils system that can mimic celebrity voices (2)

In audio clips, the computer-generated Rogan muses on topics like chimpanzee's who can play hockey, pulls off some adept tongue-twisters, and pontificates about how we're living in a simulation.

01:32 TechInvestorNews.comAI Translation Boosted eBay Sales More Than 10 Percent (Slashdot) (2)

SlashdotAI Translation Boosted eBay Sales More Than 10 Percent - We often hear that AI is important for economic growth, and while that claim makes intuitive sense, there isnt a lot of hard data to back it up. A recent study [PDF] from economists at MIT and Washington University in St. Louis offers some proof, though, showing how AI tools ...

00:45 Nanowerk.comNanoscale sculpturing leads to unusual packing of nanocubes (2)

Cube-shaped nanoparticles with thick shells of DNA assemble into a never-before-seen 3-D 'zigzag' pattern that breaks orientational symmetry; understanding such nanoscale behavior is key to engineering new materials with desired organizations and properties.

00:33 TechInvestorNews.comVideo: Internet of Things World 2019 (Nicole Henderson/Windows IT Pro) (2)

Nicole Henderson / Windows IT ProVideo: Internet of Things World 2019 - Internet of Things World ran this week in Santa Clara. This video series looks at the highlights from the three-day conference. ...

01:38 TechInvestorNews.comIBM updates Watson Studio (ZDNet Latest News) (2)

ZDNet Latest NewsIBM updates Watson Studio - The enhanced version of Watson Studio is part of IBMs effort to create AI tools for hybrid and multi-cloud customers. ...

00:33 ScienceDaily.comTwitter image colors and content could help identify users with depression, anxiety (2)

A new study shows users who score high on a depression and anxiety survey often post photos that are less aesthetically appealing, less vivid in color or display little depth of field.

23:22 ScienceDaily.comNew AI sees like a human, filling in the blanks (2)

Computer scientists have taught an artificial intelligence agent how to do something that usually only humans can do -- take a few quick glimpses around and infer its whole environment, a skill necessary for the development of effective search-and-rescue robots that one day can improve the effectiveness of dangerous missions.

20:43 ScienceDaily.comBrain stimulation improves working memory in adults (2)

Magnetic stimulation of the brain improves working memory, offering a new potential avenue of therapy for individuals living with Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia.

20:20 Nature.ComScaling up quantum simulations (2)

20:20 Nature.ComNerve cells from the brain invade prostate tumours (2)

20:19 ScienceDaily.comBlood flow command center discovered in the brain (2)

Researchers have discovered a group of cells in the brain that may function as a 'master-controller' for the cardiovascular system, orchestrating the control of blood flow to different parts of the body.

19:38 InsideEVs.comMercedes-Benz EQC Review By Autogefühl, Carwow And Others: Videos (2)

Mercedes-Benz customers are expected to feel comfortable switching to electric with the EQC

19:24 Phys.orgWhat artificial intelligence can teach us about proteins (2)

Proteins are vital parts of all living organisms and perform essential tasks in our bodies. They build and repair tissues, supply components of the immune and hormone systems, regulate metabolism, and transmit signals. Researchers in Berlin and Heidelberg have now developed an intelligent neural network that can predict the functions of proteins in the human body. The team used a "trick" to observe how the network makes it predictions. The insights gained from this research could help in the search for new targeted drugs.

19:20 Physics.Aps.orgSynopsis: On-Demand Solutions for Black Hole Mergers (2)

An analytical model may provide a faster and more accurate way to analyze the gravitational-wave signals from black hole mergers.
[Physics] Published Wed May 15, 2019

19:12 InsideEVs.comTesla Model 3 Performance Reactions Are Priceless: Video (2)

It's hard to hold back the thrill of riding in a Model 3.

18:35 TechInvestorNews.comTech Tip: How to Add Hollywood Special Effects to Your Videos (J. D. BIERSDORFER/New York Times - Technology) (2)

J. D. BIERSDORFER / New York Times - TechnologyTech Tip: How to Add Hollywood Special Effects to Your Videos - With your smartphone, inexpensive software and a bit of cloth or paper, you can make your own green screen movies. ...

17:06 SingularityHub.ComComing of Age in the Age of AI: The First Fully Digital Generation (2)

The first generation to grow up entirely in the 21st century will never remember a time before smartphones or smart assistants. They will likely be the first children to ride in self-driving cars, as well as the first whose healthcare and education could be increasingly turned over to artificially intelligent machines. Futurists, demographers, and marketers […]