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20:31 Phys.orgLunar South Pole Atlas—a new online reference for mission planners

The Lunar and Planetary Institute (LPI), managed by Universities Space Research Association (USRA), has compiled and made available an atlas of the Moon's south pole. Given NASA's recent direction to implement Space Policy Directive-1 landing astronauts at the south pole by 2024, the LPI has compiled a series of maps, images, and illustrations designed to provide context and reference for those interested in exploring this area.

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15:24 AzoRobotics.comEkso Bionics®’ EksoGT Exoskeleton Used for Revolutionary Clinical Study

Ekso Bionics Holdings, Inc. an industry leader in exoskeleton technology for industrial and medical use, recently reported that the National University Health System (NUHS) in Singapore has adopted...

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20:37 Zdnet.comSingapore programme to assess use of exoskeletons in rehabilitation care

Led by Temasek Foundation and Trailblazer Foundation, the initiative will evaluate the use and scalability of exoskeletons in rehabilitation care across various healthcare institutions including a local hospital, nursing home, and stroke support group.

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13:02 AzoRobotics.comPilot of Ekso Bionics®’ EksoGT Exoskeleton Extended by Kindred Hospital Rehabilitation Services

Ekso Bionics Holdings, Inc. a leading manufacturer in exoskeleton technology for industrial and medical applications, recently announced that Kindred Hospital Rehabilitation Services...

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23:23 FightAging.OrgPresenting the SASP Atlas for the Senescence-Associated Secretory Phenotype

The presence of growing numbers of lingering senescent cells is one of the root causes of aging. Vast numbers of cells become senescent every day, but near all are quickly removed, either via programmed cell death or the actions of the immune system. A tiny number survive, however, and that alone would eventually be enough to cause age-related disease and death. While senescent cells never rise to very large fractions of all of the cells in a given tissue, they cause considerable harm via a potent mix of secreted signals known as the senescence-associated secretory phenotype, or SASP. The SASP causes chronic inflammation and destructive remodeling of the nearby extracellular matrix. Further, it changes the behavior of other cells for the worse, including increasing their […]

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20:34 TechInvestorNews.comCloud Atlas: Huaweis homegrown AI hardware hits shelves. Oh, and its working on DNA storage ( (Max Smolaks)/The Register) (Max Smolaks) / The RegisterCloud Atlas: Huaweis homegrown AI hardware hits shelves. Oh, and its working on DNA storage - Machine learning chips for everyone and everything Chinese IT leviathan Huawei has launched a range of hardware for machine learning applications based on its own specialised silicon. ...

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16:26 ScienceDaily.comThe Leukemia Atlas: Researchers unveil proteins that signal disease

Only about one in four people diagnosed with acute myelogenous leukemia (AML) survive five years after the initial diagnosis. To improve that survival rate, researchers have created an online atlas to identify and classify protein signatures present at AML diagnosis.

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22:27'Cyborg' microfilter actively cleans decontaminated water

New work on self-propelled biohybrid microrobots has been inspired by recent developments of biohybrid cyborgs that integrate self-propelling bacteria with functionalized synthetic nanostructures to transport materials. Taking inspiration from the science fiction concept of a cybernetic organism, or cyborg, researchers developed a self-propelled biohybrid microrobot, named rotibot, employing the marine microorganism rotifer as their engine.

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05:29 Zdnet.comApple reveals services, Huawei P30 camera samples, Google Atlas video (MobileTechRoundup show #465)

Apple started the week by revealing some new services and then Huawei revealed all the details of the P30 and P30 Pro. Kevin found more details on the Google Atlas Chromebook and Google posted the I/O schedule.

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15:04 News-Medical.NetPediatric Cell Atlas needed for better understanding of children’s health and illnesses

Research efforts to comprehensively map adult human cells are in progress. But in a Perspective publishing March 28 in the journal Developmental Cell, researchers argue that there is a need to map children’s cells with the same level of granularity.

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08:16 Хромбук Google Atlas засветился на видео

Первые подробности об этом хромбуке появились еще в сентябре прошлого года, но с тех пор о Google Atlas ни слуху, ни духу. А меж тем устройство активно готовится к выпуску: к примеру, в двух этих видеороликах тестируются возможности воспроизведения видео. Причем сложно сказать, являются ли тесты частью стандартной программы или были сделаны специально – в роли своеобразного тизера.
Увы, рассмотреть устройство едва ли возможно, но трейлер фильма «Трансформеры 4» разрешением 4К хромбук воспроизводит без каких бы то ни было проблем, поэтому можно рассчитывать на хорошую аппаратную платформу.

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13:55 Nanowerk.comWill cyborg circuits be made of melanin?

Scientists have achieved a billion-fold increase in the electrical conductivity of melanin, that could unleash its potential in safe, sustainable bioelectronics.

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10:48 Phys.orgWill cyborgs be made from melanin? Pigment breakthrough enables biocompatible electronics

The dark brown melanin pigment, eumelanin, colors hair and eyes, and protects our skin from sun damage. It has also long been known to conduct electricity, but too little for any useful application—until now.

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00:25 ScienceDaily.comAnkle exoskeleton fits under clothes for potential broad adoption

The device does not require additional components such as batteries or actuators carried on the back or waist.

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16:27 News-Medical.NetQueen Mary University of London’s BCI boosts radionuclide imaging capabilities with MILabs VECTor technology

Milabs B.V., manufacturer of the world’s only fully integrated SPECT/PET/Optical/CT-scanner, today announces that the core molecular imaging facility at Queen Mary University of London’s Barts Cancer Institute has boosted its radionuclide imaging capabilities with a MILabs VECTor PET/SPECT/CT omni-tomography system.

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12:55 BBC HealthExoskeleton helps people with paralysis to walk

Floriane is able to walk using an exoskeleton that detects how she wants to move.

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05:31 TechInvestorNews.comAtlas Air 767 cargo jet, part of Amazon fleet, crashes in Texas with 3 people aboard; remains found (Alan Boyle/GeekWire)

Alan Boyle / GeekWireAtlas Air 767 cargo jet, part of Amazon fleet, crashes in Texas with 3 people aboard; remains found - An Atlas Air Boeing 767 cargo jet crashed today into Trinity Bay on the Texas Gulf Coast with three people on board, the Federal Aviation Administration said. Human remains have been found on scene, the FBIs Houston office said. At this time, there are no signs of survivors. The plane ...

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23:38 TechInvestorNews.comNew Mapping Software Creates Digital Atlas of Street Signs (Skip Descant /Gov't News: Headlines)

Skip Descant / Gov't News: HeadlinesNew Mapping Software Creates Digital Atlas of Street Signs - Even in a town the size of Clovis, N.M., no one has ever taken on the job of counting the several thousand highway and street signs. Nobody had done a sign inventory before, said Steve Hewett, GIS specialist for Clovis, a city of about 40,000 near the Texas border. This ...

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08:01 News-Medical.NetKU professor discusses promise of brain-computer interface to aid, restore communication

Brain-computer interfaces promise to restore communication for individuals with severe speech and physical impairments. Current brain computer interfaces share many features of high-tech, conventional augmentative and alternative communication systems, but via direct brain link.

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19:11 ScientificAmerican.ComAre Cyborg Warriors a Good Idea?

The Pentagon is funding brain-implant research aimed at creating neurally “enhanced” soldiers. -- Read more on

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00:06 Gizmag These exoskeletons are made for walkin' – and lifting

What would a consumer electronics show be without powered exoskeletons? Panasonic subsidiary Atoun is presenting two new models at CES 2019 – one of them helps you to lift, while the other helps you walk.
.. Continue Reading These exoskeletons are made for walkin' – and lifting Category: Robotics Tags: CES 2019 Exoskeleton Panasonic

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18:24 NewScientist.ComSki exoskeleton boosts leg power and reduces tiredness on the slopes

When hurtling down a mountain an exoskeleton could absorb some of the impact for skiers and snowboarders and give them extra power in their turns

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08:45 Gizmag Ride-share wheelchairs and powered exoskeletons make final cut in Toyota mobility competition

Launched in 2017, Toyota's Mobility Unlimited Challenge is a global competition designed to inspire new technologies that change the lives of sufferers of lower limb paralysis. At CES in Las Vegas it has now unveiled the five finalists who will battle it out for the US$1 million grand prize, with an intelligent wheelchair and exoskeleton on wheels among the shortlisted projects.
.. Continue Reading Ride-share wheelchairs and powered exoskeletons make final cut in Toyota mobility competition Category: Urban Transport Tags: CES 2019 Mobility Toyota

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19:36 NewScientist.ComSki exoskeleton boosts leg power and reduces tiredness on the slopes

When hurtling down a mountain an exoskeleton could absorb some of the impact for skiers and snowboarders and give them extra power in their turns

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18:08 SingularityHub.ComCould an Atlas of the Brain’s Genome Solve Neuropsychiatric Disorders?

Dr. Thomas Lehner was tired of his research repeatedly hitting a wall. A scientist at the National Institute of Mental Health, Lehner studies the genetic underpinnings of neuropsychiatric disorders. Teasing out associated genes turned out to be relatively simple. Schizophrenia, for example, is linked to small variations in some 360 genes. The problem is identifying […]

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06:29 Gizmag Battery-powered, full-body exoskeleton lets users lift 200 pounds

Imagine a future construction site where a worker can swiftly pick up and move hundreds of pounds of materials thanks to hi-tech exoskeleton suits. Sarcos Robotics is speeding us towards that promising future, now taking pre-orders for the Guardian XO Max, the world's first battery-powered, full-body industrial exoskeleton set to deliver units by early 2020.
.. Continue Reading Battery-powered, full-body exoskeleton lets users lift 200 pounds Category: Robotics Tags: Construction Exoskeleton Robotics

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16:23 FierceBiotech.comAtlas Venture raises $250M for later-stage investments

Atlas Venture has raised $250 million to invest in existing portfolio companies. The fund, the first of its kind operated by Atlas, will enable the VC shop to support its startups through series B and beyond.

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02:19 ScienceNewsDaily.orgLady Gaga Unveils Anime Cyborg at Her Las Vegas Show

Lady Gaga has unveiled a new high-tech addition to her Las Vegas concert lineup: An anime cyborg. On Friday, Lady Gaga teased the anime cyborg on her Twitter account. This anime cyborg appears ...

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21:31 ExtremeTech.com2019 Volkswagen Atlas SUV Review: VW Swaps Fahrvergnügen for Tech, Roominess

Has VW created an SUV for American tastes? Hint: There are 17 cupholders, plus roomy seating for 7 in 3 rows. If only the final driver assists and safety features weren't relegated to the costlier trim lines.
The post 2019 Volkswagen Atlas SUV Review: VW Swaps Fahrvergnügen for Tech, Roominess appeared first on ExtremeTech.

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16:05 TechnologyBrain-computer interface: neurozone

Blue sky businesses - small steps on a long road

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18:14 NewScientist.ComSki exoskeleton boosts leg power and reduces tiredness on the slopes

When hurtling down a mountain an exoskeleton could absorb some of the impact for skiers and snowboarders and give them extra power in their turns

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18:10 SingularityHub.ComEducating the Wise Cyborgs of the Future

When we think of wisdom, we often think of ancient philosophers, mystics, or spiritual leaders. Wisdom is associated with the past. Yet some intellectual leaders are challenging us to reconsider wisdom in the context of the technological evolution of the future. With the rise of exponential technologies like virtual reality, big data, artificial intelligence, and […]

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17:58 TechnologyAtlas Copco looks to battery spark in changing car industry

Swedish industrial group Atlas Copco is set to profit from a shift towards electric cars after investing in technology to meet a challenge that is hurting many traditional parts suppliers, a company executive said.

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22:51Акустический кабель Atlas Equator 2.0 - пятизвездочный обзор журнала What Hi-Fi

Акустический кабель, обеспечивающий доступное усовершенствование вашей системе.

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10:02 Gizmag MIT's cyborg plant can drive itself into the light

They may seem pretty boring and simple from our point of view, but plants are incredibly complex organisms that sense and react to their surroundings. They've been known to use animal-learning techniques to grow towards light, and human-like decision making when figuring out when to sprout. Their normal methods of getting around are pretty slow, so to give them a helping hand researchers at MIT Media Lab have now created "cyborg plants" that can control a robot base to drive themselves where they want to go.
.. Continue Reading MIT's cyborg plant can drive itself into the light Category: Robotics Tags: Cyborg MIT Plants Robotic Robotics

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20:25 ScienceNewsDaily.orgPlant cyborg able to move itself to a preferred light source

A team of researchers at the MIT Media Lab built a cyborg that combines a plant with electronics and ultimately allows the plant to choose when it would like to move to a brighter spot. The ...

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02:48 TechnologyPentagon looks to exoskeletons to build 'super-soldiers'

The U.S. Army is investing millions of dollars in experimental exoskeleton technology to make soldiers stronger and more resilient, in what experts say is part of a broader push into advanced gear to equip a new generation of "super-soldiers."

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16:46 Technology.orgBrain-computer interface enables people with paralysis to control tablet devices

Tablets and other mobile computing devices are part of everyday life, but using them can be difficult for

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09:26 News-Medical.NetBrain-computer interface enables people with tetraplegia to operate tablet devices

An investigational brain-computer interface can enable people with paralysis to directly operate an off-the-shelf tablet device by thinking about making cursor movements and clicks, according to a study published November 21, 2018 in the open-access journal PLOS ONE by Paul Nuyujukian, Jose Albites-Sanabria, and Jad Saab from the BrainGate consortium, USA, and colleagues.

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01:59 ScienceDaily.comBrain-computer interface enables people with paralysis to control tablet devices

Three clinical trial participants with paralysis chatted with family and friends, shopped online and used other tablet computer applications, all by just thinking about pointing and clicking a mouse.

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17:55 NewScientist.ComCar assembly is heavy work – this exoskeleton can boost your strength

Factory workers at Ford’s car assembly plants are using exoskeletons to help with their gruelling work. Leah Crane visited the factory to try one out  

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06:47 Gizmag Norton's new Atlas 650 scramblers prepare to tear up a green lane near you

When Norton built its monster V4 RR carbon superbike, it developed the 1200cc engine such that it could be lopped in half to make a compact 650cc parallel twin. Now that 650 has surfaced in a pair of stylish and lightweight scramblers that look like a lot of fun.
.. Continue Reading Norton's new Atlas 650 scramblers prepare to tear up a green lane near you Category: Motorcycles Tags: Norton Motorcycle Scramblers

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05:42 News-Medical.NetHuman Cell Atlas study of early pregnancy shows how mother's immune system is modified

The first Human Cell Atlas study of early pregnancy in humans has shown how the function of the maternal immune system is affected by cells from the developing placenta.

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21:44 ScienceDaily.comBrain-computer interface advances improve prosthetics, therapies

Advances in connecting neural stimulation to physical control of the body are transforming the development of prosthetics and therapeutic training for people with disabilities, according to new research.

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19:10 ScientificAmerican.ComNew Atlas Used to ID Brain Parts for Plans and Actions

A detailed picture of cell types in some areas of the mouse cortex is put to the test -- Read more on

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20:09 Gizmag Hyundai to trial assistive exoskeletons in North American factories

Assembling cars can be a physically-demanding task, which is why Ford recently began equipping its factory workers with assistive exoskeletons. Hyundai is now getting in on the act, with plans to start testing two such devices in its North American factories by the end of the year.
.. Continue Reading Hyundai to trial assistive exoskeletons in North American factories Category: Robotics Tags: Assistive Technologies Exoskeleton Hyundai

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18:44 Nature.ComDaily briefing: So you want to be a cyborg?

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16:45 Technology.orgResearchers study Iron Man-like exoskeletons to improve worker productivity, safety, and well-being

Over the next decade, American manufacturers are facing an industrial skills gap with projections of 2 million manufacturing

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12:47 NYT ScienceSketchbook | Graphic review: An Illustrated Homage to the Oceans Atlas

The graphic artist Kristen Radtke recalls the influence that a book about the seas had on her young imagination.

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18:57 Nanowerk.comResearchers study Iron Man-like exoskeletons to improve worker productivity, safety, and well-being

Researchers are working on developing whole-body powered exoskeletons for augmenting human performance in industrial use and to understand the dramatic impacts they may have on the socio-technological landscape of jobs.

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18:46 Phys.orgIron Man-like exoskeletons studied to improve productivity, safety, and well-being

Over the next decade, American manufacturers are facing an industrial skills gap with projections of 2 million manufacturing jobs going unfilled due to a lack of qualified and skilled applicants. A large portion of the current manufacturing workforce is nearing retirement age and younger generations often lack the interest to learn the technical skills associated with jobs in manufacturing. Furthermore, occupational injuries cost U.S. companies more than $13 billion annually, with overexertion injuries accounting for the majority of injuries.

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18:28 3dnewsВидео дня: робот Boston Dynamics Atlas демонстрирует навыки «паркура»

Компания Boston Dynamics опубликовала на YouTube новый видеоролик (см. ниже), демонстрирующий возможности передового человекоподобного робота Atlas. Напомним, что Atlas — это двуногая антропоморфная машина, созданная по заказу Управления перспективных исследований Министерства обороны США (DARPA). Робот обладает большим количеством степеней свободы, а питание может обеспечивать блок аккумуляторных батарей.

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20:58 LiveScience.comHumanoid Robot Atlas Can Now Do Parkour and That's Not at All Terrifying (Oh, Yes, It Is)

Atlas, the humanoid robot that can run like a person, recently demonstrated a few new tricks.

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17:30 TechnologyReview.comThat Atlas robot might be doing parkour now, but it still can’t chase you up the stairs

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16:34 ExtremeTech.comBoston Dynamics Atlas Robot Can Do Parkour

It won't be long until the robots only need us to build new obstacles for them to climb over.
The post Boston Dynamics Atlas Robot Can Do Parkour appeared first on ExtremeTech.

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09:56 News-Medical.NetPitt/UPMC researchers awarded NIH grants for brain computer interface research

A team of University of Pittsburgh and UPMC researchers was recently awarded two grants from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) totaling over $8 million to expand their groundbreaking brain computer interface (BCI) research in collaboration with researchers at the University of Chicago and Carnegie Mellon University.

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09:31 Видео дня: робот Boston Dynamics Atlas демонстрирует чудеса паркура

Компания Boston Dynamics показала новое достижение своего человекоподобного робота Atlas. На этот раз на компания опубликовала видео, где показано, как робот демонстрирует «паркур». 
Atlas подбегает к расположенным на разной высоте стойкам, перепрыгивая через бревно по ходу дела, и забирается наверх, перепрыгивая с одной поверхности на другую. 
В прошлом году робот Boston Dynamics Atlas продемонстрировал удачное сальто назад, а ещё год назад робот научился стоять на одной ноге.   

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02:29 Gizmag Boston Dynamics' Atlas has now mastered parkour

Boston Dynamics has quietly dropped a new video, this time revealing the Atlas robot's newfound ability to clear obstacles and jump like a parkour expert. The combination of real-time computer vision and control software, that balances legs, arms and torso, affirms Atlas as one of the most physically impressive robots ever developed.
.. Continue Reading Boston Dynamics' Atlas has now mastered parkour Category: Robotics Tags: Boston Dynamics Robotics

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23:19 ScienceNewsDaily.orgBoston Dynamics Atlas Robot Goes Full American Ninja Warrior In Latest Demo

It's been a while since we've talked about Boston Dynamics here at HotHardware. The last time we checked in with the company, its SpotMini robot dog was walking autonomously through a "mock" ...

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22:56 CNBC technologyBoston Dynamics shows its Atlas robot has picked up some impressive athletic skills

In the latest video from Boston Dynamics, a robot is shown running and then jumping from block to block in an activity known as parkour.

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11:26 Phys.orgFrom cyborgs to sex robots, U of M professor studies how brain science is changing legal system

Francis Shen spends a lot of time thinking about transhuman cyborgs, brain-wave lie detectors, sex robots and terrorists hacking into devices implanted in our heads.

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08:20 News-Medical.NetVeracyte presents new data on Afirma GSC and Afirma Xpression Atlas therapies for thyroid cancer

Veracyte, Inc. announced today that new findings from six studies reinforcing the "real world" performance of the next-generation Afirma Genomic Sequencing Classifier and the Afirma Xpression Atlas in thyroid cancer diagnosis were presented at the 88th Annual Meeting of the American Thyroid Association. The meeting is being held October 3-7 in Washington, D.C.

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15:14 FierceBiotech.comF-Prime, Atlas lead cancer startup Akrevia to $30M A round

Akrevia Therapeutics has raised a $30 million series A round led by F-Prime Capital Partners and Atlas Venture. The financing sets a team led by ex-Ariad and Intellia executives up to advance a pipeline of immuno-oncology candidates.

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23:21 LiveScience.comWas This Man a Bronze-Age Cyborg? His Metal Hand May Have Been a Prosthetic.

Treasure hunters in Switzerland have unearthed a hand-some artifact: a 3,500-year-old bronze hand outfitted with a gold cuff, Swiss archaeologists announced last week.

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10:48 TechnologyOttobock reaches for growth with industrial exoskeletons

German artificial limb manufacturer Ottobock plans to start selling a mechanical exoskeleton that makes manual labor for factory workers easier this week, joining a field already crowded with major industrial players and start-ups.

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16:54 Popular ScienceI became a cyborg to manage my chronic pain

Health Implanting a new generation of spinal stimulators.
I had a spinal cord stimulator, an electronic device used to treat chronic pain, implanted into my body. This type of therapy might help some of the other 100 million…

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21:45 ScienceDaily.comA cyborg cockroach could someday save your life

A tiny neuro-controller could provide more precise control of futuristic biobots such as cyborg cockroaches that are already being tested for use in search and rescue missions inside collapsed buildings.

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09:59 News-Medical.NetStudy: First independent in-home use of brain-computer interface by ALS patients shows promise

Laboratory studies have shown the potential for patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, who cannot move or speak, to communicate using a brain-computer interface.

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18:20 SingularityHub.ComAre Exoskeletons About to Go Mainstream?

Ever since the appearance of the power loader in the sci-fi classic Aliens, the idea that powered exoskeletons could let workers carry superhuman weights has enticed executives in heavy industry. Recent developments suggest the idea might finally be moving into the real world. The idea behind exoskeletons, or wearable robotics, seems like a no-brainer. Marry […]

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05:40 Gizmag LG takes a load off with AI-controlled exoskeleton

In the near future, humans and robots will be working together in warehouses and factory floors – although we may be closer together than you think. At IFA next week, LG is set to unveil what it calls a "wearable robot," which is effectively an exoskeleton that workers step into to help take the load off their legs.
.. Continue Reading LG takes a load off with AI-controlled exoskeleton Category: Robotics Tags: Exoskeleton LG Robotic Robots

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13:12 Zdnet.comThe worker in the robot suit: New industrial orders reignite exoskeleton interest

It's been a technology without a clear customer for about a decade, but wearable robotic suits are finally finding a market in legacy manufacturing and construction

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14:53 News-Medical.NetAtlas of the nervous system provides new clues about origin of neurological diseases

Researchers at Karolinska Institutet have created a systematic and detailed map of the cell types of the mouse nervous system.

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15:07 GenEngNews.comSingle-Cell Genetic Atlas of Breast Development Reveals New Cancer Targets

Scientists have recognized the relationship between normal organ development and cancer for more than 100 years. More recently, researches have begun to emphasize that the heterogeneous nature of most cancers largely contributes towards their clinical response. Now, a team of investigators at Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI) at the University of Utah (U of U) and the Salk Institute for Biological Studies, have created the first single cell resolution atlas of genes that control the formation of breast tissue. The atlas provides a comprehensive molecular map that the researchers are optimistic will be used to help understand how breast cancers form and to pinpoint new ways to prevent, diagnose, and treat the disease. Findings from the new study were published recently in Cell Reports through an article titled “ Single-Cell Transcriptomes Distinguish Stem Cell State Changes and Lineage

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08:14 Gizmag Ford makes EksoVest exoskeletons available to employees worldwide after successful US trials

After a successful trial in two US plants, Ford is now offering a wearable upper-body exoskeleton to employees in 15 of its plants all across the globe. The EksoVest is designed to support workers' arms while they perform repetitive overhead tasks.
.. Continue Reading Ford makes EksoVest exoskeletons available to employees worldwide after successful US trials Category: Robotics Tags: Ekso Exoskeleton Ford

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21:28 TechnologyReview.comFord is deploying exoskeletons in 15 of its factories around the world

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19:03 TechnologyJapan’s ‘mad scientists’ pursue a cyborg-friendly future

An emerging scientific field seeks to combine living tissue with metals and plastics

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13:07 Zdnet.comExoskeletons debut at Ford factories

Staff will now be augmented by exoskeletons in Ford factories across the world.

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12:24Абоненты Киевстар использовали больше 9 тысяч гигабайт данных на Atlas Weekend

В сравнении с прошлым годом, трафик мобильного интернета вырос втрое. Также за 6 дней фестиваля абоненты использовали практически 1,5 миллиона минут голосовой связи.

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13:52 Phys.orgRobotic exoskeleton allows disabled people to eat or drink by themselves

Researchers of the Biomedical Neuro-engineering group of the Universidad Miguel Hernández (UMH) of Elche, Spain, have developed a robotic exoskeleton which, attached to a robotic wheelchair, helps people with varying degrees of disability carry out daily activities including eating, drinking or washing.

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19:54 News-Medical.NetRobotic exoskeleton helps disabled people to carry out daily activities on their own

Researchers of the Biomedical Neuro-engineering group of the Universidad Miguel Hernández of Elche, Spain, have developed a worldwide pioneering robotic exoskeleton which, attached to a robotic wheelchair, helps people with varying degrees of disability carry out daily activities on their own, including eating, drinking or washing.

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17:40 Gizmag Norton releases first official sketches of the upcoming Atlas 650

It's no secret that Norton has a brand new 650cc inline twin motor in the pipeline, destined to spearhead its comeback with a new family of affordable models. Scheduled to break cover in November, the Atlas 650 has been revealed for the first time in two digital renders that Norton has just released.
.. Continue Reading Norton releases first official sketches of the upcoming Atlas 650 Category: Motorcycles Tags: Engine Motorcycle Norton Motorcycle Related Articles: Zero Motorcycles' 2018 models boast faster charging, more range Confederate partners with Zero Motorcycles and goes electric Power, control and safety: The year's best motorcycle tech and what to expect in 2016 Wheelrider motorcycle top case doubles as carry-on luggage, includes solar panel Stoptix automatic brake light warns against rear-end collisions .... before you touch the brakes SWM Motorcycles unveils first new

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00:52 Gizmag Review: 2018 Volkswagen Atlas is proper family hauling, VW-style

The 2018 VW Atlas marks the German automaker's foray into the three-row crossover arena. Sitting between the Tiguan and the Tuareg, the new Atlas is a well-done, roomy, and efficiently-designed crossover with a lot to like ... not the least of which is its name, which we think is perfect.
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00:31 Popular SciencePower-multiplying exoskeletons are slimming down for use on the battlefield

Military The technology has been long-anticipated by military commanders.
A raft of newly developed exoskeletons is starting to meet the slimmed-down, stealth requirements of today’s troop commanders. They see these power-assisting suits as…

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19:15 Phys.orgNew World Atlas of Desertification shows unprecedented pressure on planet's resources

On 21 June 2018, the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission published a new edition of the World Atlas of Desertification, offering a tool for decision makers to improve local responses to soil loss and land degradation.

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18:39 ScienceDaily.comNew World Atlas of Desertification shows unprecedented pressure on planet's resources

The World Desertification Atlas by the European Commission's Joint Research Centre provides the first comprehensive, evidence-based assessment of land degradation at a global level and highlights the urgency to adopt corrective measures.

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17:40 ExtremeTech.comFord’s Factory Floor Exoskeleton Vest: ‘Power Without Pain’

EksoVest helps Ford workers do more overhead assembly tasks without repetitive strain injuries. A typical worker does the same task 4,600 times a day.
The post Ford’s Factory Floor Exoskeleton Vest: ‘Power Without Pain’ appeared first on ExtremeTech.

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15:36 Phys.orgAn exoskeleton for paraplegics

Robotic devices are increasingly being used to assist patients with impaired motor functions. Through a novel adaptable exoskeleton, the Symbitron project hopes to revolutionise rehabilitation of patients.

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16:44 Gizmag Zaha Hadid wraps hotel in striking exoskeleton

You could be forgiven for thinking that an alien race had made its home in Macau, China, but this extraordinary structure is actually the latest major building by Zaha Hadid Architects. Serving as a flagship hotel for the City of Dreams resort, its perforated form is wrapped in an exoskeleton that provides structural support.
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16:57 NewScientist.ComA self-balancing exoskeleton lets wheelchair users walk again

An exoskeleton is being tested that helped a wheelchair user to walk for several hours without pain. It supports its own weight and mimics the wearer’s natural gait

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10:18 TechnologyAtlas bugged


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22:57 ScienceDaily.comCometh the cyborg: Improved integration of living muscles into robots

Researchers have developed a novel method of growing whole muscles from hydrogel sheets impregnated with myoblasts. They then incorporated these muscles as antagonistic pairs into a biohybrid robot, which successfully performed manipulations of objects. This approach overcame earlier limitations of a short functional life of the muscles and their ability to exert only a weak force, paving the way for more advanced biohybrid robots.

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15:33 FierceBiotech.comLooking to unseat Sanofi and Shire drugs, Atlas gene therapy startup Avrobio files for $86M IPO

Avrobio has filed for an $86.25 million IPO. The offering would give the Atlas Venture-backed startup the means to run clinical trials of gene therapies designed to supplant enzyme replacement therapies from Sanofi, Shire and Pfizer.

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16:46 Gizmag New Atlas Privacy Policy update

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22:44 Hyundai’s Exoskeletons, with Sangin Park

Sangin Park on exoskeletons to help factory workers, people with paraplegia, and soldiers.

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21:17 3dnewsВидео дня: робот Boston Dynamics Atlas вышел на прогулку

Компания Boston Dynamics представила новый видеоролик (см. ниже), демонстрирующий последние достижения в разработке человекоподобного робота Atlas. Фирма Boston Dynamics была основана в 1992 году Марком Райбертом (Marc Raibert). В декабре 2013 года компания была куплена корпорацией Google. А летом прошлого года Boston Dynamics перешла во владение японской телекоммуникационной и медиакорпорации SoftBank Group.

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08:04 Робот Atlas научился бегать

Компания Boston Dynamics опубликовала очередной видеоролик, в котором нам показывают новые возможности человекоподобного робота Atlas.
Полтора года назад Atlas научился удерживать равновесие на одной ноге, прошлой осенью он продемонстрировал общественности сальто назад.
Теперь же мы видим, как Atlas бегает трусцой по неровной поверхности, а также перепрыгивает через препятствие.
Вероятно, по мере развития робототехники лет через 10 подобные видеоролики будут вызывать улыбку, однако сейчас это выглядит довольно впечатляюще.

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03:54 Gizmag Boston Dynamics' Atlas robot can now chase you through the woods

Every few months, Boston Dynamics reveals a new video illustrating yet another impressive ability from its quickly evolving line of robots. The latest duo of clips are no exception, this time showing its Atlas robot taking a casual jog in the woods, while SpotMini is shown autonomously taking a long exploratory mission around an office building.
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23:54 ScienceDaily.comBrain-computer interface based on mutual learning helps tetraplegics in avatar race

Brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) are seen as a potential means by which severely physically impaired individuals can regain control of their environment, but establishing such an interface is not trivial. A new study suggests the most dramatic improvements in computer-augmented performance are likely to occur when both human and machine are allowed to learn.

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06:33 TechInvestorNews.comGoogle Wants to Turn You Into a Cyborg (Will Oremus/Slate Magazine)

Will Oremus / Slate MagazineGoogle Wants to Turn You Into a Cyborg - Google is no longer, at its core, a search engine. Its now foremost an artificial intelligence engine. And its goal is not to help you find information, but to become an extension of your very self. ...

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22:46 News-Medical.NetMSU students develop exoskeleton app for patient with Duchenne muscular dystrophy

Zach Smith has Duchenne muscular dystrophy, a genetic disorder marked by progressive muscle degeneration. His lack of muscle control and being in a wheelchair made him a prime candidate for a computer-controlled exoskeleton arm.

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